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Why I started my blog?

Hey readers, I wanted to take a moment to let you know why I decided to start my blog and also to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking out the time in your busy schedules to just see what I have to say because I know your time could be spent doing a million other things. So first off, I wanted to start my blog because honestly I have a lot to say. Most of the time I see things happening and I sit back and try my best to stay out of a situation or topic that has little to nothing to personally do with me, but honestly I am tired of that role. My goal is to talk about any topics that comes up in life and hopefully soon others will feel open enough to start commenting their thoughts more as well through this blog if nothing else. I just wanted to form an open discussion of positivity and love about things that affect us in our everyday lives. This blog was not intended to be about me telling anyone what they should and should not be doing because I am the last person who can do that, but because I am on a quest to growing a closer relationship with God, there will be a lot of times I will share things that I am just learning myself and I will even add a bible verse to back it up. This is not done to come off as preachy so please don’t put that pressure of being perfect on me because I’m far from it. This is only done to encourage everyone to strive and do better each and every day as I try to do. There are going to be times when I don’t get it right and won’t give the best advice, but I want to invite others along the ride to help me grow more as well which is why I highly encourage commenting. This is my way to connect with more of you and to bring down my walls to allow you all to see other layers of me and understand that while most of you have this idea of who you think I am, this will show more of you that your understanding of me is probably not all of what you think. Heck I get up some days and I don’t even know who I am because I am constantly changing, evolving, growing, and learning. Throughout this process of getting out things and expressing myself and some of the things I am thinking/feeling, I hope my readers can see that I am just a work in progress, an Imperfect Christian Woman that gets it wrong from time to time and sometimes backslide like everyone else. Please read this blog with the intentions of seeing things only from the perception of how I see them and not as if I am forcing you to see things my way. This is just an expression of my love and thoughts. Again, thank you all for your support and please subscribe to stay in touch with what I have to say and please comment when you can even if it’s directing to my email. Peace and blessing to you all. ~Conniea P

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