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Why Did I Become a Licensed Financial Professional?

Ok well since this is National Life Insurance Awareness Month, I decided to get a little more personal and talk about how I finally became a Licensed Financial Professional and why it is so important for me to push the products that I offer as well as utilize them in my own life. I think that this Covid-19 pandemic has really opened up a lot of our eyes to just how important it is to value every moment of our lives in addition to finding ways to establish an income that won’t stop during a time like this ever again. I was one of those that searched for every possible opportunity to re-brand myself and figure it out.

Well during this time I did just that. I started this very blog you are reading just a little before the virus landed in my home state, I started a career in Life Coaching, podcasting, and even selling the book I’ve written called, “Faithfully Conquering Self-Doubt.” During this time I was filled with so much joy and passion while doing each of these. However, it was also during this time that I was still searching for a more steady income to fall back on as well, but for some reason, I would mainly get callbacks from Life Insurance companies. Initially, I fought it, but eventually, I figured it was another thing put in place by God to order my steps. I did not understand this, but I was trying my best to be obedient so I tried out a few avenues, and then I thought well maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that this is for me.

Fast forward to 2022, I was invited to a Zoom call in regards to Creating and learning to establish generational wealth and that call set me on fire with passion like never before. I knew this time had to be different so I stepped out of my way and I finally studied and passed my state test. This was such an amazing feeling. Not only do I get to help others overcome challenges, obstacles, and limiting beliefs in their life, but I also get to teach others ways to allow their money to work for them and build Financial Wealth for themselves and their children.

I decided to take this walk as a Licensed Financial Professional because I wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I wanted to encourage others to learn as much as they can to become more financially literate and learn how to utilize Financial Vehicles while we are alive to work for us while planning for our future. I wanted the opportunity to feed information into our communities that were not given to me and people I know. I wanted to show others that it isn’t one way to get to the financial outcome that you want, and how important it is to have things that you physically do to earn income as well as things you can do to just sit back and watch your money grow and work for you. I want to scream to the mountain tops if I have to about how important it is to set our children’s future up as best as we can and give them a step up. This is a part of my mission here as a life coach. Supplying the information and support that is needed to obtain both internal and financial growth. It is so much more to learn and grow in and I will post a separate post to explain more, but in the meantime please get out and live life on purpose guys. Let’s not just focus on what we can do day to day to get by. Let’s think full circle and try to provide as much balance to our lives as possible. This may include traveling more, learning to grow your money instead of only relying on saving alone, thinking about establishing plans that can help yourself and family members now or later, protecting your peace, being healthier, and the list goes on. If you have followed me long enough then you know my motto is “Growth Over Perfection,” so as long as you aim each day to grow in some way then you are doing your part. We will grow through this thing called life together. Please reach out to me if you have any questions and/or feedback on your personal financial goals or if you are just wanting more information. Until next time.

With love,

~Conniea P

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