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Tips to keep your mind positive during Coronavirus

I developed this list initially for myself, but I decided to share it on all of my social platforms for those of you that have been having a hard time staying focused and positive during this time of quarantine. I hope that we all are striving to come out of this better than we were before

1). Start your day spending time with God. You will be surprised how uplifted and energized your day will go just by framing your mind and focused on God at the start of each morning. Even for me, when I skip a day because I’m rushing or just chose to do something different, I most definitely notice a difference.

2). Speak positive affirmations over your life. Depending on the type of person you are you can go right into positive affirmations for yourself or you can be awaken with your own personalized positive affirmations. There are all types of apps you can download right from your phone. I have a few, but one of the apps that I know you can for sure record yourself is called ThinkUp. It allows you to develop your own affirmations and record it where it reminds you each morning and goes off in the sound of your own voice. I’m sure it’s an option to use another voice, but for me it’s nothing like hearing my own voice recording speaking things over my life that just reassures me daily all over again.

3). Write down some things you are grateful for. I personally did this myself a few weeks ago, but honestly it was strictly for this time during quarantine. I never really sat down and wrote these things down unless I was writing down my pros and cons to leave a job, lol. I saw a post from one of my loves and she encouraged her followers to take inventory of all the things that we are blessed with, trials, tribulations, and just anything that God has his hands on. This was tight on time for me because I didn’t realize how important that was to do on a regular basis.

4). Write down some goals and prioritize them based off of the significance of each one at the time. This can be career goals, around the house goals, hair goals, weight loss goals, the list goes on and on. Some people are just fine with where they are career wise while some thrives to reach for the stars on a daily basis. I believe to each it’s own. At one time, all I wanted to do was clock in and come home, but now I am always getting into something. As long as you have some type of goal you are working on to better yourself in some way, then that’s all that matters. Everyone is not meant to own a business and travel the world. I think it’s ok for people to be comfortable whenever they see fit.

4). Don’t just write down you’re goal, knock them out of the park. After you have established your goals and prioritized them, work on one goal at a time until you have achieved it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to finish and move on to the next.

5). Stay in connection to those individuals that brings up your energy and keeps you uplifted. Don’t be afraid to lean on them to keep your spirits up. You will be surprised how much how much good it will do for them and yourself.

5). Focus on helping someone else: By doing this, it may help you in return.

6). Whatever you do; Don’t give up. Life is hard sometimes. It’s important to start each day as optimistic as possible, but nevertheless sometimes life has its way of really tearing you and getting you down. Just try to stay productive and be ok with giving yourself a break when needed. We will get through together.

7). Graduates I want you to know that while it’s great to have a plan on your future it’s also ok to not have it all figured out. I will encourage you to use this time wisely to figure out what you really can envision yourself doing for the rest of your life and what makes you happy. Now if finally the time to drown out the voices of others because while they mean well and love us, our loved ones don’t always know what’s in our hearts to do so channel that inner strength and use it to fuel you in making your decisions and remember to keep going even when it gets tough.

*Please listen to more tips on my podcast on Spotify or by downloading the Anchor FM app and typing in Speaking with Conniea P.

~Conniea P

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