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The Constant Battle of Self-Doubt

Let me tell you something about self-doubt. This monster of attack doesn’t care who it lands on and what you have achieved. If you aren’t careful, it will find a way to creep back in if you give it the smallest crack to slide through. I am telling you this from experience. My entire life I have always been a driven person. Even from a little girl, I always have taken certain things very seriously. My grades were one of those things. I never understood the connection of learning and growing to the way I live my life now and how much I crave for new knowledge and genuine progress. Even throughout my many different job titles, I was so determined to perform each role to the best of my abilities, but more importantly, learn something new that I can build off of as I go through life. My intentions are to learn things sometimes just to teach it to others. This is what I do with my clients. The one thing that I don’t want to be misconceived is that when you deal with this head-on, there will never be a time this will revisit again because that is the furthest thing from the truth. Just because you have reached a certain level of success doesn’t mean that the problems stop. In most cases, they get tougher so you have to keep revisiting that place where you recognized that this self-doubt and self-sabotage no longer have a place in your life. Revisit this place as much as you need to in order to serve as a reminder that you will conquer again and again and again. Remember this, God wouldn’t put this dream inside of you if He wouldn’t be willing to guide your footsteps. Who cares if you fail whenever you attempt something new. What’s more important that you tried and you gave yourself a chance at something better. Personal transparency: The enemy tried to talk me out of something the other day that I have been aspiring to do. I was consciously not making a big deal initially because I wanted everything to flow organically how it was meant to flow. However, as I approached the finish line, those negative thoughts of ”what if” started to cloud my positive thinking and my stance on taking a chance on myself. I started to hear all of the things critics would say and started to doubt. I pulled back to the place for me that helped me overcome my obstacles this far and I was reminded of my Why again and it shows my true genuine growth and not the perception of perfection. So before I accomplish more of the things God has in store for me, let me go ahead and point out some things to beat my hardest critic to the punch. 1). I’m a huge over-thinker sometimes. This could be good at times, but for me, it can also cause a lot of unneeded questions. 2). I write exactly how I speak. Very long-winded. Hey, this is something that is just apart of who I am. My personality and my writing may not be for everyone and I’m ok with that. 3). I care a little too much sometimes. My entire life I have always been the person that likes to make everyone feel comfortable. This sometimes will make its way into my professional life which is also sometimes a blessing and a curse. 4). I am harder on the way I look in videos and pictures than most people are. I look for the simplest things and point them out before someone else does and sometimes choose not to use it to inspire because of it. This is something I have truly been working on and will continue to overcome because we all have flaws.

  • 5). I don’t believe your work has to be long in order to have a powerful message. My easy readers both were less than 15 pages and my new book is less than 60 pages. For some authors, it may be weird, but I actually take pride in it. I love it when I’m at speaking engagements and the speaker intentionally delivers a message 30 mins or less. This is what I look for when I’m choosing to receive a message so in return this is what I try to give. This is something I will be criticized for by many, but I am prepared for it. It works for me and I’m not changing it unless it’s something that requires to be a little more in-depth than most of my work. I will write more eventually, but for now, when I'm led to share a message I don't dwell on how long it is. More so on the impact of the message.

6). I am the most frugal person I know and the more people I meet, it continues to reign true. I’m always looking for the least expensive way to do everything and I’m actually pretty ok with it. I sometimes look at the things I do on my own or for a small budget and compare to the higher paid work of some and even if I see a huge difference in their quality of work compared to mine, I still feel like I’m winning. I just don’t believe in spending more money to have a certain image that won’t even matter as much years down the line. Some People that love to pay more for higher quality items will never understand this, but it works for me and you may even notice it from time to time and point it out. Just so you know, I am very aware of the quality before you make your judgments on what you would have done differently. I made this list because these are some of the things I thought about that the enemy wanted to remind me to prevent me from accomplishing another big goal for myself. So now that I have pointed it out, this monster called Self-Doubt is going to have to find another way to try to stop me because it’s not going to hinder this goal and any goals by pointing out my flaws. I’m aware of them already, and I am choosing to keep moving with them while making the best out of growing from each one. These may be my flaws today, but eventually, these will be considered my stepping stools to help me reach my fullest potential. What are some of your flaws? What are you going to identify today to help push you to overcome your self-doubt? What are you going to do differently today to better your tomorrow? Send me a personal message if I can help in any way. ~Conniea P

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