Terrific Tuesday

When I closed out 2019, I didn’t have a New Year’s Resolution. I prayed and asked God for Boldness. Those who know me best would probably say that I am already outspoken and expressive, but the boldness I was looking for had nothing to do with what came out of my mouth. It had everything to do with me increasing my faith enough to believe that God created me for a unique purpose and that He wouldn’t allow me to suffer if it wasn’t for the greater good.

This boldness has everything to do with having to consistently drown out what everyone else thinks I should do with my life, and replace their expectations with God’s promises for my life. So with that being said, the next time you wonder why I haven’t released any new content, products, or why posts are limited, etc., please know that this girl has learned to wait on God in everything and I have learned to appreciate the word “No.” I’ve said from the beginning of my very first blog post that I wouldn’t allow the world to put any form of pressure on me in terms of what “they” think I should be doing and how often I should do it.

Instead, I wait patiently on God to show me the next steps. While this has been an extremely hard task, this type of obedience has opened up possibilities that I never could have orchestrated on my own. It was all found in waiting on God and trusting in His timing. Are you going to trust God’s timing today? Remember, God is not in a rush, for He knows the plans He has for our lives, so with that

being said “New Blog Post Alert”🚨 entitled, “When God says No.” www.slwithcp.com.

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