Setting a New Tone

I was listening to this video by Sarah Jakes Roberts called, “A New Tone.” I’ve been seeing it on my homepage on YouTube for a little while now, but for some reason, I kept saying I will save it for another day. So as I finally started to listen I remember her mentioning that whether we are listening now or at a later moment, she believes that we are listening at just the time we are supposed to hear this message. I started to get excited because I knew it was going to be good.

So she started to speak about changing our tones. When she initially started to speak, I remember thinking wow this is for me because I know I need to work on my tone when expressing myself, but boy was this message a lot more complex than what I thought. In a nutshell, she was meaning in terms of what we say when we speak of how things are going or something we may say in words we believe about ourselves, but our tones say something different.

I immediately started thinking about all the times I was in that place, I mean how many times have someone asked us if we were ok, and we quickly said we’re fine because that’s what most of us are conditioned to do although sometimes our tone says otherwise. At that moment, I started to think about how I would say to someone, “yes I’m gonna do this and do that and never even get excited anymore.” My tone does not exemplify the behavior of someone who believes what the words imply.

This message was right on time for me because just about an hour before I heard the message, I was thinking in my head about how I had to get focused again and how I had to cut out some things to do so. See this message encouraged me so I’m hoping to add my moment of openness and my spin to hopefully encourage someone else to get busy again. Get focused again. Get intimate in your relationship with God again.

These are a few takeaways after sitting and thinking over my own life after visualizing what that looks like for me in regards to setting a new tone:

1). What are the things in my personal life that I need to set a new tone on?

2). What am I willing to do to better prepare myself to be more confident in doing so?

3). How can I incorporate God in this partnership to see this through?

I am asking God for a new tone in my communication, in my relationships, in my faith, in my creativity, and even in the way God uses me to deliver any messages needed whether big or small.

I hope that this message will help someone speak more authority over their lives today and set a new tone for any and everything that doesn’t speak victory. Remember we are all a work in progress which is why this community believes “Growth over Perfection,” is key. Thank you all once again for reading. I look forward to sharing more with you all and if you are interested in a more in-depth breakdown of this topic, please click the podcast link and catch up on my podcast also entitled, “Speaking Life with Conniea P. Remember if you are believing in God’s for something, you have to act like it. There is no true power in what you say if you don’t believe it. Chat soon!

~Conniea P

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