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Pushing Through Obstacles

How do you push through your obstacles?

How do you overcome the fear of the unknown?

How do you overcome the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone?

How do you fight back when depression and anxiety creep in to steal your joy and all the glory of God that’s attached to it?

These are all the questions I ask myself from time to time whenever I start a new venture, or shall I say start a new mode of “purpose walk.” I used to be so focused on what my calling was, so much so that in the past I forgot all about purpose. Throughout the last few years, I found myself asking over and over again, “What is my purpose, Lord.” It wasn’t until Jan of 2020 that I started to feel that question slowly and slowly fly out of the window. Not because I had it all figured out, but in my own experience, I witnessed God order my steps in a magnitude of ways that were not conditioned to just one form. I experienced God using me in ways I didn’t see as a talent in the past. I also witnessed God using me in ways I did know were a skill, but didn’t think I was necessarily skilled at doing it on my own. I saw them for others, but not for myself. I guess you can say I stopped dreaming for a moment. It was during this time that I remember saying to a family member that told me she was proud of me for starting my blog. As much as that meant to me, I couldn’t help but respond yes I was sleeping for a moment (meaning lack of dreaming big), but I’m woke now (meaning I’m dreaming big dreams again).

So when I realized that my delay in fulfilling more of what God has for me was mainly because of my lack of belief, I began to ask myself why. Who am I hanging around that is assisting in diminishing those dreams? What happened that forced me into this zone of not believing in myself and what God has for me? Occasionally the lyrics to this song comes into my head. “Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself. Sometimes You Have to Speak Victory During the Test.” I remember sitting in the break room at a job that promised consideration in promotion after one year, but told me I was overqualified when I decided to apply for a position in my field of study. I was sitting there feeling defeated as everyone around me couldn’t believe how the company could overlook me and say such things, but there was nothing any of us could do. So at that moment I remember humming the words to that song and I even posted a picture online with the words as a caption. It’s these small moments that I have to look back at to remind me that my purpose is in whatever pain I’m experiencing and I still have to claim victory even in these discouraging moments.

This same practice applies to you. I know that life gets hard sometimes. I know that sometimes the trials and tribulations can come down so hard that sometimes you can see your way out. I know sometimes you are going to expect your loved ones to know or do the things you need from them in your time of need. My purpose in life is to reassure you that you have a purpose as well. Whether you are reading my words, listening to my podcast, or speaking with me one on one in an intimate setting, I know that my purpose on this earth is to keep others encouraged in this life. Although I sometimes have those moments when I need a little encouragement myself, I just have to replay those lyrics in my head and remember that Sometimes I Have to Encourage Myself. Remember that even in those moments when you feel alone and think it’s just you encouraging yourself, God is always there and He is ultimately where you are getting that strength from to push through. Continue to surround yourself with positive people, continue to keep dreaming, and keep your faith alive, but please don’t forget where your help comes from in your time of need when those things fail you and that help comes from the Lord!

Be blessed, be encouraged, and be joyful in all that God has done, will do, and is currently doing in your life.

~With Love

Conniea P

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