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Enhancing your Mind, Body, and Soul

Today we will be Enhancing your mind, body, and soul while in quarantine. We will be discussing weight loss tips, tips on remaining positive, and how important it is to develop the right mindset for both during quarantine. I had the pleasure to interview someone to assist me in helping you all with your overall growth and mindset to help come out of this pandemic better than before.

Tamekia Ellis is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, owner of Spoonfed Investments, and mother of two. I like to call her my partner in Divine(Connection).

Oddly enough, Tamekia and I are from the same hometown. I believe we both knew of each other by our names and association with other people we know, but never had a real interaction. Out of nowhere, we started sharing each other’s posts on social media and eventually I reached out to her just to inquire about her services/products while taking out the time to show her love for all the great things she is doing for our community. From there, we ended up bonding over the fact that we are both coaches in some form and over the fact that we didn’t know many other people in that profession. It was very refreshing to finally formally meet in this way. Since then, we have almost been attached at the hips practically, lol. We have so much in common and our beliefs systems are so closely in tact.

My style of coaching is Motivational and Lifestyle coaching. I help individuals uncover road blocks in there lives that has been prohibiting them from acquiring all that life has to give and meeting certain goals in life. I help individuals focus on the solutions to the problems at hand, and not on everything that has and can go wrong. In order to do this, you have to dig deep and connect with the things that have caused you to focus on those negative thoughts and the things that have been limiting you in the first place. Once we work together to do that, barriers will start to break and plans will start to be established.

We are similar in this way because we focus on what has been prohibiting them, but we’re more focused on the steps we can take to change their mindset overall so this is what prompted me to invite Tameika on my podcast and include her in this post to discuss her own coaching style and how she is helping her own clients.

Questions for Tameika

1. What is your role as a holistic health and wellness coach? I provide support & guidance. I help individuals train their physical & emotional mindset to find solutions to improve their health and make healthy lifestyle changes in a holistic way. 

2. What products do you offer your clients? I offer private health coaching, customized meal planning, prepped meals ready to eat, support, guidance, cleanses, healthy snacks, to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

3. Do you recommend detoxes, and if so what type of detoxes? I personally think my body reset cleanse is the perfect way to jump start your detox/ cleansing process. It adds nutrients, requires you to eat healthy food, and does not deprive your body of anything but toxins and crap your body don't need anyway. 

 If you do a detox or cleanse make sure you do it the right way.

4. What steps can we take to adopt a more healthier lifestyle?

•Create healthy habits

•wake up and pray/meditate

•drink water

•eat clean/ train dirty(eat healthy food & exercise

•block negativity

•protect your peace

•keep your immune system strong

5. What can we do to stay motivated especially since most of us are stress eaters and feeling unmotivated to work out right now?

•change your mindset

•find a friend that have the same goals and FaceTime or create a workout plan with them for motivation

•focus on why you want to do it and just do it!

•ask yourself what do you have to lose

6. What have been some of the challenges you have faced as a health coach during this Pandemic? 

As a health coach, I have not faced any challenges because everything I offer can be done online or over the phone.  I'm just staying positive and thanking God everyday for my family being safe.  I have actually been enjoying this time with my kids. So I have no complaints.

I wanted to piggyback off of Tamekia’s goal to help shift your mindset so I decided to include some tips on what we can do to train our minds to remain positive during this time. The tips are as followed:

1). Start your day spending time with God. You will be surprised how uplifted and energized your day will go just by framing your mind and focus on God at the start of each morning. Even for me, when I skip a day because I’m rushing or just chose to do something different, I most definitely notice a difference.

2). Speak positive affirmations over your life. Depending on the type of person you are you can go right into positive affirmations for yourself or you can be awaken with your own personalized positive affirmations. There are all types of apps you can download right from your phone. I have a few, but one of the apps that I know you can for sure record yourself is called ThinkUp. It allows you to develop your own affirmations and record it where it reminds you each morning and goes off in the sound of your own voice. I’m sure it’s an option to use another voice, but for me it’s nothing like hearing my own voice recording speaking things over my life that just reassures me daily all over again.

3). Write down some things you are grateful for. I personally did this myself a few weeks ago, but honestly it was strictly for this time during quarantine. I never really sat down and wrote these things down unless I was writing down my pros and cons to leave a job, lol. I saw a post from one of my Sisters in Christ and she encouraged her followers to take inventory of all the things that we are blessed with, trials, tribulations, and just anything that God has his hands on. This was right on time for me because I didn’t realize how important that was to do on a regular basis.

4). Write down some goals and prioritize them based off of the significance of each one at the time. This can be career goals, around the house goals, hair goals, weight loss goals, the list goes on and on. Some people are just fine with where they are career wise while some thrives to reach for the stars on a daily basis. I believe to each its own. At one time, all I wanted to do was clock in and come home, but now I am always getting into something. As long as you have some type of goal you are working on to better yourself in some way, then that’s all that matters. Everyone is not meant to own a business and travel the world. I think it’s ok for people to be comfortable wherever they see fit.

5). Don’t just write down you’re goal, knock them out of the park. After you have established your goals and prioritized them, work on one goal at a time until you have achieved it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to finish and move on to the next.

6). Stay in connection to those individuals that brings up your energy and keeps you uplifted. Don’t be afraid to lean on them to keep your spirits up. You will be surprised how much good it will do for them and yourself.

7). Focus on helping someone else: By doing this, it may help you in return. Send someone a card in the mail, or buy someone lunch. It’s the small things that count and matters the most.

8). Whatever you do; Don’t give up. Life is hard sometimes. It’s important to start each day as optimistic as possible, but nevertheless sometimes life has its way of really tearing you and getting you down. Just try to stay productive and be ok with giving yourself a break when needed. We will get through together.

*Please listen for more tips on my podcast on Spotify or by downloading the Anchor FM app and typing in Speaking with Conniea P.

~Conniea P

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