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Divine Connections and Fair Weather Friends

I don’t know how many of you have actually had the time to think about divine connections and disconnecting with friends you thought you would have for a lifetime, but I’m starting to feel more and more like they go hand and hand. I know for me, when I start to feel a disconnect with a friend and I see our friendship fading away, somehow God always replaces that friend with someone that embodies exactly what I was missing in that previous relationship without me having to do a single thing. Now I’m not saying that I am never at fault for the ending of a friendship, but I have noticed that whenever my heart and intentions are pure and genuine with a person, God never allows me to go lacking when they suddenly disappear from my life.

I have come to just realize that sometimes it doesn’t matter how great you are at trying to communicate your thoughts/feelings to try to rectify a situation, sometimes it is just not meant to be. Now, while God does sometimes automatically remove people out of our lives that no longer fits, I still find myself praying for Divine Connections in every area of my life. This goes from my church family, to my doctors, co-workers, friends, and so on. I ask God to continually connect me with individuals that will help me grow and will be a model for how I want to live my life. I have to thank Him on a daily for the individuals that feed into my life on a regular basis because in this world we are going to be tested all the time and it’s a true blessing to be able to call someone that you know really has your back. I really wish I could name a few people, but those individuals that have poured into my life and spirit just during this short time that my blog has been up has made such an impact on my life that I will never forget.

While I have don’t have any animosity for anyone who didn’t take out the time to show support, I did want to show a magnitude of love and appreciation for the ones that did because honestly as freeing as this experience is for me, it is equally terrifying to say the least. I do also want to acknowledge those that are either no longer in my life, or those I have slowly disconnected from. I am honestly at a place in my life where I really don’t harbor any bad feelings /thoughts towards anyone. There is not a person that I still wouldn’t be there for in some ways if they needed me and believe me I catch a lot of slack for that from the people that loves me most. Without you all coming in and out of my life to teach me things and help me analyze what I Need in a connection, I wouldn’t be at a place now where I can strategically ask God for what I need in my friends and loved ones so for that I also have to take a moment and say thank you as well. It’s all love and I think those of you that fit in this category can vouch and say this is coming from a place of sincerity. After all, just because we are no longer connected, doesn’t mean you weren’t a Divine Connection. God doesn’t tell us how long someone is going to be in our lives. We just have to know that we are all connected for a reason and it’s up to us on how we react to the disconnect. Personally speaking, I have no time or tolerance for the back to back petty drama so I really consider myself blessed not to have any bad blood between anyone I once considered a friend.

Do you know who your Divine Connections are? Do you feel as if you were the one sent to someone as a connection, and are you serving that person as you should? What are you looking for in a Divine Connection? Whatever your answers are just know that this is all Intentional and meant to help us grow and get to our God given purpose in life.

~Conniea P

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