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Conquering our Mental Health

It’s 2020 y’all. It’s time out for putting our Mental Health on the back burner. Taking off for a Mental Day is just as important as taking off for the Flu in my opinion. I took off yesterday for the first time for Myself since I’ve been at BPCS. Yea I take off all the time for my son, or to spend time with my hubby, but never just to take a day and recoup my mind, body, soul, and spirit. Believe me, it was for the best because I would have been a different type of beast had I went in. I just told my boss that I was sick, I didn’t say how I was sick and Who I was sick of, lol. Ok just had to throw a little joke in there You all will learn my personality more and more as we are on this journey together. On a serious note though. I’m not going to say I suffer from, but I am dealing with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and believe me this is not to be played with. Some people have the audacity to say it’s all in your head and it’s something make believe. Now I have grown to learn that apart of that is true and not true. Depending on how you want to dissect this and look at it. When you have a bad case of anxiety it is very important to train your thoughts and actions to focus on only positive things that will make you better. This includes anything from what you eat, getting enough sleep, exercise, time with God, surrounding yourself around people that love/support/celebrate you, and the list goes on. It is crucial to start your day right each and every day, but this is what most are not going to tell you. Although it is extremely important to do all those things there will be times when things will be completely out of our hands. See this is the way that God intended for it to be. Do you really think that it was meant to go easy and smooth for us each and everyday we wake up? Well guess again my sisters and brothers. God wants us to crave Him. If He meant for us to just go through life just depending on ourselves and each other then what do we need Him for? I always say that I believe God allows us to go through trials and tribulations so that we can learn to fall on our knees and call on Him until we can get into the habit of doing this on more of a regular basis instead of only in those times of needs. If everything is peaches and cream like some of us like to pretend like it is, then why would You ever take out time in your busy schedule to say, “Lord I need you right now,”. I don’t know why I am going through this and how long you are going to make me endure this storm, but Lord I put it in Your hands and trust that there will be a lesson in this.” Not just a lesson for myself, but a lesson that will touch the hearts of many to show the goodness and mercy of Your everlasting love. Again, this post or this blog wasn’t meant to teach you anything, but instead use my personal experiences to help us become more aware of our growth and mental wellness, because in everything we do God is always there waiting for you to tap his hand and say, “Lord, I’m trying to deliver this message, but I don’t know if I can deliver it in the way that it needs to be delivered to really wake people up so I’m gonna just tap your hand and let you take over for me.” Are you ready to tag God in and take over your mental health and well being? Are you just gonna sit back and watch everyone else’s testimony on How God provides them with a clear state of mind and brought them out the darkness amid every bad thing that has happened to them. Are you going to focus on all the trauma, and bad breaks, and hardships of your past so much that if fogs your present and your future? Which one are you going to choose today? Today I am choosing Transformation because I’ve been there and that place is Not for me. God has been too good to me and brought me through too much just to lay down and just let this Life that we are loaned get the best of me. Comment if you are joining me in this Transformation Tour!! ~Conniea Perry

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